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June 7, 2024

Squawk Brewing Co Strike Up Deal with Moorhouse’s Brewery

What’s next for SQUAWK Brewing Co?

Founder and owner of SQUAWK brewing company, Oliver Turton, has today announced that his beers will continue to be available following a deal he has struck up with Moorhouse’s.

Started 10 years ago, Oliver’s mantra has always been about uncompromising beers but he always knew SQUAWK could be so much more. Recent events including a proposed (significant) rent increase plus a need to invest to meet demand had meant Oliver had come to a crossroads but he’s now delighted, that after a chance conversation, this new deal is now in place.

Speaking after his latest meeting with Moorhouse’s head-brewer Dan Casaru this week, Oliver said “Having put so much into SQUAWK, it’s been great to work with the Moorhouse’s team who want to carry on what I’ve been creating over the last 10 years.  Seeing their new 25HL brewing kit and hearing that they’re hiring a new lead-brewer too, shows to me these guys are serious about my beer”.

Some of SQUAWK’s best-sellers will now be available again to pre-order next week for delivery from 17th June, then deliveries will be every Wednesday and there’s also the promise of some new specials too in the coming weeks – beers that Oliver had down on paper, but was not able to brew.

Commenting on the deal, Dan Casaru added, “We can see the love out there for Oliver’s beers and it’s been great to work with him so closely on this project. Part of this is that we’re now looking for a new member of our brewing team that can also share his ethos and build on what he’s created”.


Pictured: SQUAWK founder and owner, Oliver Turton (L) with Dan Casaru (R), head brewer at Moorhouse’s.   

Want to hear more or buy SQUAWK beer, call 07493 727290 or email

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