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February 19, 2024

Six Connections and Moorhouse’s Brewery unite to launch ‘Ask Twice’ Beer – A crafted call to start real conversations on Mental Health

Six Connections, a Burnley-based mental health organisation, and Moorhouse’s Brewery have partnered to craft ‘Ask Twice’, a beer designed to encourage open conversations about mental health. This initiative pays tribute to the memory of those lost to mental health battles and aims to break the silence and stigma by starting the conversation early, well before it gets to that crisis point.

Founded by Dave Scholes after the loss of his best friend to suicide, Six Connections has grown into a movement that champions the power of conversations. It is an organisation that extends beyond traditional well-being support, fostering a culture whereby lifesaving ‘real talk’ about mental health happens naturally, in relatable spaces, with people who know you best.

Six Connections founder, Dave Scholes, said, “‘Ask Twice’ is more than just a beer. It’s a conversation starter, encouraging people to talk about how they are feeling, in the good times as well as the not so good. We all know we need these conversations from time to time, but often don’t start them. Encouraging supportive chat in normal places like the pub, allows everyone to feel more comfortable and support their mates. These conversations will save lives.”

“With the backing of Moorhouse’s Brewery, we are taking our #PoweredByMates message into bars and homes. A trusted product carrying a vital message seems like the perfect connection to us.”

Moorhouse’s Brewery, which has long been a pillar in the Lancashire community, highlights this partnership with Six Connections as being rooted in shared values and a commitment to social responsibility.

Lee Williams, MD of Moorhouse’s added, “We know these conversations can start anywhere, including over a beer and with Dave’s drive to empower people to get talking, this was just such a natural fit. It’s all about raising awareness and if just one person is helped through this partnership, it will have been worthwhile.”

‘Ask Twice’ beer is a modern bitter with a 3.8% ABV, rich amber hue, and an inviting taste profile featuring tangy pink grapefruit, dried fruits, and sweet caramel malt.

The beer will be available nationally as part of the Wetherspoons Spring Beer Festival from 6th –17th March, leveraging Wetherspoons’ extensive reach to champion the cause of mental health awareness and the vital importance of checking in with one another.

Each bar pump clip, bottle and drip mat will feature a QR code that leads to a dedicated online Six Connections support page, offering guidance on starting conversations about this important topic.

The beer will also be featured at the Wigan Beer Festival from 29th February – 2nd March, and Lancaster Beer Festival from 7th – 9th March, alongside featuring on bars throughout March across the North-West that are supplied by Moorhouse’s, plus on sale through Contributions from each sale will be donated to Six Connections to ensure that together, they can work together to beat the stigma surrounding mental health.

Following the launch, Six Connections will continue to drive the conversation forward with comedy nights across Lancashire venues, with full details to be announced.

In celebration of the ‘Ask Twice’ beer launch, Six Connections and Moorhouse’s Brewery are hosting a prize giveaway. Participants can win a collection of branded merchandise and beers. Entries can be made between 1st and 31st March, and full terms and conditions can be found at

About Six Connections

Six Connections launched in 2020 as a legacy for mental health change. Starting with one connection, the Burnley-based mental health organisation has helped thousands of people to open up with family, friends and colleagues and start healthy conversations within their organisations.

In 2023, Six Connections developed Six Connections Community CIC. Its social arm will always give back, to provide wellbeing support regardless of demographics or circumstances. Six Connections training starts the conversations that need to happen, connecting individuals and their teams to sustainable, collective action and wellbeing support for ALL.

Six Connections’ creative range of products helps to start the conversations that we all need from time to time. QR codes on each product connect friends and family to easily access mental health support 24-7. Founder, Dave Scholes, is taking on mental health with passion. A legacy for his mate, Dave’s Adidas-clad feet will drive our purpose, until the conversations that we all need are part of the everyday. At the pub, in work or at the footy.

We are #PoweredByMates.


Instagram: @poweredbymates

Facebook: PoweredByMates


About Moorhouse’s Brewery

Founded in 1865 by William Moorhouse, Moorhouse’s originally started as a producer of mineral waters. In the early 20th century William’s family took over the business and started to produce low alcohol hop bitters which were exported worldwide. In 1978 Moorhouse’s turned from a soft drinks company to a cask ale brewery. The first cask ale produced was Premier Bitter, which is still one of their much-loved favourites to date.

In November 1985, William Parkinson a local businessman purchased the brewery, and it has remained in his family as a proud independent East-Lancashire brewery ever since.

As well as winning the Champion Beer of the Britain it has recently picked up SIBA’s 2023 National Best Pale Ale for its Moonbeam, Session IPA.


Instagram: @moorhousesbrew

Facebook: moorhousesbrew

X (Twitter): @Moorhousesbrew



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