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July 27, 2018


It’s all about timing and as the UK continues to enjoy the longest sunny spell since 1976. Moorhouse’s Brewery is right on cue, with the installation of 169 solar panels at its brewery in Burnley.

In July solar power briefly overtook gas as the country’s number one source of energy* and now Moorhouse’s much-loved beers will be brewed with its own source of ‘Lancashire’ solar energy.

The panels sited on the Brewery’s roof, will produce enough energy to brew the equivalent of one million pints of beer each year, including its best-selling Blonde Witch, White Witch and the keg craft beer, MALKIN Pale Ale.

The 50 KWp solar panel system will offset over 400,000 kg of CO2 over the next 20 years. Installed by Energy Gain UK Ltd it will actually produce approx. 42,000 units of electricity per annum – the equivalent of powering almost 250 homes for one year.

Moorhouse’s MD, Lee Williams, commented: “This is all about our commitment to reduce our carbon emissions and investing in renewable energy like this is a key part of our strategy. Quite rightly there is a greater expectation from consumers for companies to act more responsibly and they can now make a positive difference through the beer they drink, without compromising on quality. The power generated from the new solar panels will help the brewery to brew in a more sustainable way for years to come.”

Moorhouse’s has experienced a positive 2018 with the brewery undertaking a rebrand to appeal to a wider audience whilst announcing it was launching a series of new hop-forward keg beers and unveiling a new look for its much-loved cask beers. The new beers and revitalised branding was underpinned with sales and marketing activity which included a PR and social media campaign, and Tap Takeovers in over 50 pubs and bars across the North West and Yorkshire.

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