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June 6, 2023

Moorhouse’s Opens Up Craft Beer Sector with Tap Door Online Portal

We’ve teamed up with Tap Door. A brand new, online craft beer marketplace that supports independent breweries like us, allowing us to connect with beer enthusiasts far and wide.

The Tap Door platform allows beer lovers to input the beer or beer style they like and Tap Door will recommend other beers with a similar taste profile. It will also recommend beers based on what other customers with similar preferences have enjoyed. Drinkers can then build a box of 12 individual cans either from the same brewery or different breweries allowing you to explore a wider range of beers.

We’ve added 6 of our new craft beers to the craft beer marketplace: DEMDIKE Session IPA, GO DARK Chocolate Stout, TIME 2 PANIC West Coast Pale, DISSENTER Classic IPA, CURSE AWAY Hazy Pale and SHAPESHIFTER Blood Orange IPA. We’re excited for craft beer drinkers everywhere to get their hands on our beers and give them a try.

Our craft range is inspired by the bewitching tales of the Pendle Witch Trails, we have created, what we think are a great range of beers and styles to suite everyone’s tastes.

Discover our craft range.

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