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July 27, 2023

Moorhouse’s Creates Golden Ale That’s Not to be Mist with Charles Faram Experimental Hops

We’ve teamed up with Charles Faram to produce a new development hop-forward beer using some of their brand-new experimental hops: CF129 and CF160 from their Hop Development Programme.

PENDLE MIST 4.2% is a hazy golden ale made with extra wheat and is full of tropical, pineapple, mango, and citrus flavours, this makes a perfect Summer refreshment and has been a big hit.

Will Rogers, Group Technical Director at Charles Faram has been working on the Hop Development Programme, discovering new hop varieties to inspire brewers, help growers and bring a more varied beer experience.

CF129: Bred here in the UK but grown in Poland CF129 is a daughter of the Jester® hop. It grows well in Poland with good yield. It was originally planted in 2012 and has passed the initial stages of the programme such as disease resistance testing and aroma trials. The hop gives off aromas of: Blackcurrant and Lychee with a delicate spice undertone.

CF160: Is a line bred daughter of the Jester® hop, and as its number suggests was planted as a seedling root later than CF129 in 2014. The line breeding occurred because the development team, brewers, and beer drinkers love Jester® and so Faram’s wanted to exaggerate the characteristics.  It has been fast tracked through the Faram’s development programme because not only does it smell fantastic but translates with super results into beers. It’s a similar alpha to the Jester® hop but averaging twice the oil content so that, the tropical, fruity aromas and flavours punch through.

The growth habit is untidy, but is resistant to Wilt, similar to the target hop variety. CF160 has been named Mystic™ and has had extremely positive brewing results. The plant is currently undergoing meristem propagation to improve some of its less desirable agronomic properties. If this works, we are hoping to plant a significant acreage! In layman’s terms, it’s a challenge to grow and whilst its been fast tracked, we’re taking time to try and perfect it.

This brew is a limited availability brew that will be appearing on bars up and down the North West.

Keep your eyes peeled on our socials for any future hop-forward beers.

Learn more about Charles Faram Development Hops.

Discover more about our Pendle Mist.

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