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November 24, 2021

Moorhouse’s Brewery teams up with local brewers to create a ‘Best of Lancashire’ selection to celebrate Lancashire Day

To celebrate Lancashire Day on Saturday 27th November – and to showcase what the county’s brewers have to offer – Burnley-based Moorhouse’s Brewery has created a celebration case of different beers called The Best of Lancashire that is available now to buy exclusively on its web shop.

As well as a couple of Moorhouse’s beers, the 12-pack boasts beers from nine other brewers – Accidental Brewery, Avid Brewing Co, Beer Brothers Brewing Co, Chain House Brewing Co, Crankshaft Brewery, Farm Yard Ales, Northern Whisper Brewing Co, Problem Child Brewing and Rivington Brewing Co – and showcases the breadth and diversity of the north-west’s local beer scene.

This is the first time so many Lancashire breweries have joined forces on this scale and it offers local beer lovers the chance to sample the very best products from some of the county’s leading brewers.

The Best of Lancashire covers all types of beer to suit all tastes including pale and bitter ales, a Belgian Blonde, IPAs, and stouts. Whilst Moorhouse’s very own and much-loved Blonde Witch and Pendle Witches Brew are both in there.

Antonia Price – Marketing Manager of Moorhouse’s Brewery – said: “The last 18 months has been a very tough time for the brewing trade, so we wanted to use Lancashire Day as a way of celebrating the real talent that is right here in the county. Lancashire boasts some of the most innovative small breweries in the whole of the UK so it’s fantastic to bring them together for the very first time. The Best of Lancashire is a true representation of the county’s brewing expertise and we are proud to bring it to the public.”

The Best of Lancashire pack is available to buy from now until the end of December.


Lancashire Day Beer with East Lancashire Railway

In the spirit of Lancashire Day, Moorhouse’s have also teamed up with East Lancashire Railway to create a brand new and limited edition 4.5% pale ale called The Flying Hopsman. The beer was brewed on Moorhouse’s pilot kit meaning only 288 pints of The Flying Hopsman have been produced. The bar team from the Trackside in Bury, and the Buffer Stops in Rawtenstall – East Lancashire Railway’s two much-loved pubs – visited Moorhouse’s and personally selected the ingredients alongside one its top brewers, Jordan Hamer to create a unique limited-edition beer.  The Flying Hopsman is available at both pubs now.

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